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"The Hundred is an action-packed, unmissable, 100-ball cricket competition that will put you on the edge of your seat."

As passionate creators and innovators in the sports industry, we’re proud to share the work we have done for this thrilling event. From developing and manufacturing the kits to designing a cutting-edge e-commerce platform and providing retail solutions, we have played a pivotal role in bringing The Hundred’s vision to life.

A true success story

Bespoke designs for On-Field and Off-Field kit apparel

We were entrusted with the task of creating unique and visually striking designs for both on-field kit and off-field kit apparel.

Recognising the significance of each team’s identity and its connection to the respective area it represents, our design team collaborated closely with The Hundred to ensure that every kit design encapsulated the essence of the team and its brand.

To achieve this, we collaborated with local colleges and universities in each city, drawing inspiration from the local community and producing designs that truly represented the area.

Centralised eCommerce platform

To provide a seamless shopping experience for fans and enthusiasts, we developed a centralised e-commerce platform for all apparel and merchandise related to The Hundred.

This user-friendly platform serves as a one-stop destination for customers to explore and purchase their favorite team merchandise. The platform was custom-designed and built by our in-house web development team, ensuring consistency with other Hundred-related platforms operated by the ECB.

Cost-effective merchandise

Ensuring consistency and quality across all venues was a priority for us. We implemented a cost-effective merchandise solution that guaranteed the same level of excellence across all locations. This approach enabled fans to enjoy a uniform and high-quality merchandise experience regardless of the venue they visited.

Hear what the Hundred say

“New Balance has been by far the best and from the pieces I have been sent already the quality is very good along with the speed and service so we are pleased and excited to be working with you.”

Anytime Fitness

Chief Executive Officer

“Despite the short lead time, the New Balance team worked closely with us to create kits that truly captured the brand and identity of Scottish Hockey.”

Scottish Hockey


Venue retailing and marketing support

Our dedicated team worked closely with each venue to ensure smooth retail operations, offering marketing support and valuable insights to enhance the overall fan experience. This collaborative approach aimed to create a vibrant and engaging environment at every venue.

Collaboration with the England and Wales Cricket Board

We maintained close collaboration with the ECB web team throughout the pre-tournament and tournament phases. Weekly project calls and updates allowed us to manage any developments required on The Hundred’s website. Our robust infrastructure and custom-built platform facilitated this level of service, ensuring efficient coordination and the implementation of shared learnings and developments from our work with other clients.

Efficient order processing and fulfilment

During the tournament, our operations reached their peak, with hundreds orders processed and dispatched daily in addition to managing orders from other clients. Our efficient order processing and fulfilment capabilities ensured smooth operations and timely delivery, guaranteeing a positive shopping experience for customers.