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Design, fuelled by creativity

Our design is bespoke, unique and exceptional, with fans and culture at the forefront of strategy.

But how do we create the perfect design to fit your brands desires?

At Sports Hub Group, we possess a remarkable capability to bring our clients’ brands to life through our meticulous design process.

Our 3 stage design process

1. Brand collaboration

Our dedicated design team collaborate closely with client brand and marketing teams to gain a deep understanding of their design brief.

2. Immersion

Our designers draw creative inspiration from the towns, cities and communities.

This ensures that the resulting kit resonates with both the club and the fans for increased commercial gain and brand reach.

3. Diversity

We coordinate focus groups to obtain invaluable general opinions and perceptions of a brand.

By leveraging this comprehensive feedback, our design team gains a full 360-degree view of the brand, enabling them to create aesthetically pleasing kit designs that capture the essence of the brand and resonate with its target audience.

Our design team work alongside our product development team to take the kit design and bring it to life

The product development team have vast experience in the manufacture of sportswear garment. From the fabric to the fit to the colour, they are responsible for liaising with our factories to ensure the finished item is fit for purpose and aligned with the brands we work with so the teamwear range becomes a direct reflection of the retail and lifestyle market.

The benefit of an in-house development team means we can also add to the range and replicate any trends in the market to create an ever-evolving garment selection.