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Sports Hub Group are a leader in design, sourcing, manufacture and distribution for sports brands around the world.

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We believe that sports have the power to inspire, transform, and unite people. We exist to be the driving force behind success, providing exceptional products, services, and experiences that elevate the sporting journey.

Our commitment to excellence has paved the way for remarkable partnerships with renowned brands, propelling them to new heights of sporting success. Let’s explore our journey with New Balance Teamsports and Patrick Teamsports, where our licensing prowess has reshaped the game.

Our licensing approach

At Sports Hub, our licensing approach is founded on the principles of collaboration and innovation. We work closely with brand marketing and sales teams, to truly embody a brand and understand its purpose and vision. This enables us to create bespoke teamsports collections that resonate with athletes and fans, fostering lasting connections.

Seamless integration for optional performance

We have invested heavily in our systems to create a fully automated, end to end process ensuring optimum efficiency. Clients are driven through our online order portal for ease and convenience:

  • 24/7 access
  • Private and secure
  • Real-time stock updates
  • Multiple payment options
  • Reporting access 24/7


Orders placed through the portal go directly to our production and warehouse unit for branding and fulfilment. This is why we can confidently tell our clients, orders are dispatched within 5 working daysunheard of in the teamsports market.

A warehouse to be proud of

Our 20,000 sqft warehouse serves as the beating heart of our licensing operations. With in-house production capabilities and a fully secure environment, we take pride in maintaining control over our stock and ensuring unmatched quality in every item we deliver.

Trusted by leading brands

In-house production for precision and quality

With over 30 years experience in the branding of clothing and textiles, we understand the complexities of embellishing sports based fabric. This is why we offer this service completely in-house so we can control every aspect of the branding process. This gives reassurance to the brands we work with that both quality and precision are a given for any item that is dispatched from our facility.

Sourcing expertise and capabilities around the globe

A proven and reliable supply chain with factories across the UK, Europe and the Far East. We aren’t reliant on any one manufacturer meaning we can work with you to understand your project goals and deadlines and ensure they are met.

We also have the ability to source white label clothing and merchandise to complement any brand offering you already have.

An award winning design team who will bring your brand to life

Let our team of designers understand your vision and create kit designs that will come alive when they are worn both on the pitch and the training ground. We will take you through the process step by step to ensure the finished garment is not only exactly what you want, but also retailable, generating maximum revenue for your brand. Product developers work in collaboration with our design team to create an ever-evolving range of garments that reflect the current trends and needs of a brand’s target audience.

An infrastructure designed for growth

We have created a system and process that is both robust and scalable to allow us to welcome other licenses to our business seamlessly.

A marketing team with a passion for sport and a knowledge unrivaled in the team-wear sector

Our in-house marketing team will treat your brand as theirs. By becoming an extension of your team, they will work with collaboratively to immerse themselves in your brand and protect it through integrated marketing campaigns that are approved by you. Maximum promotion of your brand coupled with complete control.

An E-commerce platform that is driven by consumer data

Our in-house web team design and build our bespoke platform that allows us to produce sites that generate revenue and a leading customer experience. Fully branded to your requirements, the sites are an extension of your brand. Our dedicated customer service team are available to manage any customer queries and our fully end-to-end solution guarantees quick delivery of any items ordered through the platform.